Bigland Electric Appliance Co., Ltd

Founded in 2006, Bigland Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. is one of the largest vacuum sealer   manufacturers in Mainland China. We have 3 factories producing Vacuum Sealers, Vacuum Bags and Vacuum Bag Film respectively. They are all located in WangNiuDun, Dongguan City, a town near both Shenzhen and Guangzhou.


Vacuum bags film making factory(12000 ㎡)

Dust free Vacuum bags factory (10000 ㎡)

Vacuum appliance factory (17,000㎡)

Main Products

Hand-held Vacuum Sealer, Home Use Vacuum Sealer, Commercial Grade Vacuum Sealer, Chamber Vacuum Sealer, Sous Vide Cooker, Vacuum Bag & Roll, Zipper Bag, Vacuum Canister, Wine Stopper, Electric Fillet Knife.

Bigland Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.